PNP alumni org supports ‘internal cleansing’ opus

PNP alumni org supports ‘internal cleansing’ opus

By Arwen Pascua

MANILA — Retired and active members of the Philippine National Police Academy Alumni Association Incorporated (PNPAAAI) have expressed their full support for the internal cleansing initiative within the PNP ranks.

PNP chief Police General Rodolfo Azurin Jr. has received a manifesto of support from the PNP alumni organization explicitly expressing its support for the PNP’s internal cleansing program.

This support came in the wake of recent courtesy resignations of several police generals and colonels, who have taken this step to clear their names of any involvement in illegal activities.

In a statement released by the PNPAAAI, the association said that its members have been and will always be at the forefront of the war against illegal drugs.

“We support the latest Internal Cleansing campaign initiative of the PNP and, thus, respect the decisions of any of its Third Level Police Commissioned Officers, who are PNPA alumni, following their submission of courtesy resignation called for by the SILG and the CPNP. We fervently pray that the processes involved provide a sustainable solution to end the drug menace and strengthen the PNP as an institution,” the group said.

“May the hierarchy of the PNP regard the supremacy of our laws, human rights, and the tenets of Service, Honor, and Justice in resolving this latest internal controversy unfolding within the police agency. With this, the PNPAAAI assures that, as our country faces another challenging phase in our fight against criminality and illegal drugs, its members remain committed to our sworn duty to God, Country, and the Filipino people,” it added.

Azurin stated that “the support of the PNPA Alumni Association is a testament to the importance of this internal cleansing effort and the necessity of holding accountable those who have tainted the reputation of the PNP.”

“We are committed to restoring the public’s trust in the institution and will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure that the PNP is composed of only the most exemplary and trustworthy members,” Azurin said.


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