Pushing for Cha-Cha amid crisis, absurd and ridiculous — Makabayan bloc

Pushing for Cha-Cha amid crisis, absurd and ridiculous — Makabayan bloc

By Liezelle Soriano

Photo courtesy of LiCAS News  

MANILA — The Makabayan bloc said Thursday as a House of Representatives panel prepared to begin debating proposals to revise the 1987 Constitution that pushing for Charter amendment or Cha-Cha amidst an economic crisis is absurd and ridiculous.

Makabayan bloc lawmakers in Rep. France Castro of the ACT party-list, Rep. Arlene Brosas of the Gabriela party-list, and Rep. Raoul Manuel of the Kabataan party-list argued that the public should reject any attempt to extend the terms of public officials who, in their opinion, are to blame for the current economic crisis.

“The people should reject any attempts to extend the term of the Marcos-Duterte regime,” the Makabayan bloc said in a statement.

“Pushing for charter change amid this worsening economic crisis due to government neglect and incompetence is simply absurd and ridiculous. Once again, we call on the people to resoundingly reject this push for Charter change,” the group added.

Legislators voiced concern that laws protecting the national interest could be overturned as a result of hearings on constitutional revisions.

“As the House of Representatives is set to start its marathon hearings on charter change, the Makabayan bloc in Congress stressed the supreme irony as it aims to amend the very Constitution that was born out of the anti-dictatorship struggle that ousted the Marcoses from power in 1986,” the Makabayan bloc said.

“Now, under a Marcos Jr. presidency, the administration’s allies in Congress are pushing for the removal of the one-term limit on the Presidency and opening the floodgates for removing or amending other key provisions that were enshrined in the Constitution as safeguards against dictatorship and plunder,” it added.


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