Violence in Israel, occupied Palestinian territory escalates: UN

Violence in Israel, occupied Palestinian territory escalates: UN

GENEVA – The UN human rights chief on Thursday expressed deep concern about the escalating cycle of violence in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, calling for law enforcement to comply with international law.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk issued a statement after 11 Palestinians were killed and at least 100 injured with live ammunition in an Israeli operation in the West Bank city of Nablus, followed by Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel and Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

“I am deeply concerned that scores of Palestinians, including a boy and three older men, were killed and hundreds injured in the Israeli operation in Nablus, and by airstrikes and rocket attacks between Israel and Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip,” said Turk.

“I reiterate my recent call to halt the illogic of escalation that has been building up to the detriment of the human rights of both Palestinians and Israelis.”

The rights chief also expressed concern at the Israeli security forces’ use of explosive weapons during the operation in Nablus.

“Conducting an operation involving shoulder-launched explosive projectiles and other weapons typically associated with hostilities in a highly populated area in broad daylight at a time of heightened public activity suggests concerning disregard for the lives and security of bystanders,” Turk said.

He stressed that all law enforcement security operations must comply with international human rights law, including ensuring that all killings and serious injuries are investigated under international norms and standards. (Anadolu)

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