Frat official in Salilig hazing flunks Sen. Binoe’s challenge

Frat official in Salilig hazing flunks Sen. Binoe’s challenge

MANILA — Sen. Robinhood “Robin” C. Padilla scored on Tuesday the betrayal of brotherhood in the fatal hazing of Adamson student John Salilig, after a fraternity official flunked his challenge to recite the organization’s prayer.

Padilla, who attended the hearing of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights on Salilig’s hazing, challenged Daniel Perry — the alleged master initiator during the initiation rites — to recite the Triskelion Prayer, which reflects the group’s values.

On the other hand, Padilla got a commitment from officials of Adamson University to help those involved so their future would not go to waste.

“Ako po ay isa sa nalulungkot dito sapagka’t malapit sa akin ang mga Triskelion eh. Hindi ko maintindihan itong mga batang ito. Pwede bang masagot nyo ako? Alam nyo ba kung ano ang Triskelion Prayer? Pwedeng paki-recite nyo sa akin (I am among those saddened by what happened because I consider myself close to the Triskelion. I cannot understand those involved in the hazing. Can you tell me what the Triskelion Prayer is? Please recite it before me)?” Padilla told Perry.

When Perry told Padilla that “hindi ko saulado (I have not memorized)” the prayer, the lawmaker expressed dismay, before proceeding to read the text of the prayer.

He particularly pointed out the part of the prayer that seeks enlightenment for the fraternity and sorority’s officers so they can “maintain the highest standard of decision making.”

“Nakakalungkot, mga anak. Pambihira kayo. Gusto ko pang magtanong pero mababaon kayo. Ayoko na kayo baunin pa pero baon na kayo (It’s very sad, my son. I wanted to ask more questions but you’re already in deep trouble),” he said.

“Yan po ang inyong prayer. ‘Highest standard of decision making,’ mga anak. Goodness (That is your prayer — for the highest standard of decision making. Goodness),” he added.

Meanwhile, Padilla was heartened over Adamson College of Law Dean Anna Maria Abad’s promise to assist those involved in the incident. “Sir, tutulong po kami (Sir, we will help them),” she told Padilla after he stressed that Adamson officials are second parents to the students.

“Kung pangalawang magulang kayo, ibig sabihin tinatanggap nyo po na may responsibilidad kayo, sabi ninyo. Itong mga batang ito kawawa ito (If you consider yourselves their second parents, you accepted a responsibility. These youths are in a bad situation),” Padilla told Adamson Office of Student Affairs head Atty. Jan Nelin Navallasca, who initially said the students are “of age” already.

Likewise, Padilla reminded Abad that while what happened is painful for the school because its reputation is at stake, the welfare of those involved is also important.

When Abad promised to help the students, Padilla said: “Yan po ang gusto ko madinig Maam. Maraming salamat, I love you Maam. Yan ang gusto kong marinig, tutulungan ang mga batang ito (That is what I want to hear. Thank you, I love you Maam. That is what I want to hear, that you will help them).”

(Amado Inigo/MTVN)

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