Search, rescue dog becomes Türkiye’s hero

Search, rescue dog becomes Türkiye’s hero

ANTALYA, Türkiye – Ocak, a search and rescue dog, became a hero in Türkiye’s Kahramanmaras province, the epicenter of 7.6- and 7.7-magnitude earthquakes last month.

The dog was taken to the region by an Antalya Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) team shortly after the quakes struck.

In 16 days on duty, Ocak detected six victims and played a massive part in their rescue.

Ocak returned to Antalya and resumed his daily training with Specialized Sergeant Muhammed Turan.

He told Anadolu that Ocak started working as a search and rescue dog after 52 weeks of hard training at the Nevsehir Gendarmerie Horse and Dog Training Center Command.

“In search and rescue activities, every minute and every second is important in rescuing people alive. Thanks to the use of dogs’ sense of smell and instinct, it has become faster and easier to locate people. These features benefit officers in the field,” Turan said, adding that he and Ocak have been working for five years and have developed a great bond. (Anadolu)

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