‘Salaknib’ troops train on anti-battlefield breaching attempts

‘Salaknib’ troops train on anti-battlefield breaching attempts

MANILA – Filipino and American troops participating in this year’s “Salaknib” exercises trained themselves on a series of maneuvers aimed at protecting battlefields from enemy breaching attempts.

In a statement Thursday, Philippine Army (PA) spokesperson Col. Xerxes Trinidad said the exercises at the 1st Brigade Combat Team (1BCT) demonstration range in Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija last March 20 include the Army’s 51st Engineer Brigade and combat engineers from the US Army Pacific.

“PA combat engineers and US Army sappers trained side-by-side in anti-personnel obstacle breaching system, lane marking standard, and Battle Drill 8 during the said activity which is part of the ongoing 8th iteration of ‘Salaknib’,” Trinidad said.

Battle Drill 8 refers to maneuvers in dealing with “mine wire” obstacles.

Army signal experts and their US counterparts also held a signal operations subject matter expert exchange.

These activities are part of “Salaknib,” an Army-to-Army bilateral training exercise which aims to deepen interoperability of Filipino and US soldiers in a spectrum of military operations.

“Salaknib” means shield in Ilocano.

Around 3,000 Filipino and Americans troops are participating in these exercises which started March 13 and will end on April 4. (PNA)

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