Manila mulls designating sidewalks as parking spaces

Manila mulls designating sidewalks as parking spaces

MANILA – The City of Manila is planning to convert some sidewalks into parking spaces to address the continuing increase in vehicles that cause obstructions.

Dennis Viaje, Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) adviser, said the authority to designate parking areas is contained in City Ordinance 8092, or the Traffic Code of the City of Manila which created the agency.

“The city government is thinking about how to accommodate everyone because the number of vehicles continues to increase but the streets are not increasing. The sidewalks with parked motorcycles will have a space in the middle where pedestrians can pass,” he said during the Balitaan sa Harbor View news forum on Friday hosted by the Manila City Hall Reporters’ Association.

Third District Rep. Joel Chua said a local government unit (LGU) has the power to regulate its streets in the form of regulations.

“That is where the ordinance comes in, the police power of legislation, to state which can and cannot be parked at,” he said.

The MTPB, according to its mandate, may establish, operate, maintain and/or administer terminals, parking facilities, bicycle paths, including collection of user fees and charges.

“As long as it is in the ordinance, that is provided by the law. If you want to ask a question, you can, but you must first question the ordinance that empowers the city to provide parking,” Chua added.

Manila Councilor Lei Lacuna echoed Viaje’s statement that an LGU can come up with ways to create parking spaces.

“There are barangays (villages) that are small, some are wide, so each chairperson has a different approach on how to deal with parking problems. But we make sure it is in accordance with the law,” said Lacuna, also the Liga ng mga Barangay – Manila president. (PNA)

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