A Challenge for Carla Aying, descendant of Lapu-Lapu

A Challenge for Carla Aying, descendant of Lapu-Lapu

Volunteer health worker Carla Aying

“We ought to face our destiny with courage.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

FOR EIGHT YEARS, Carla Aying selflessly served as a volunteer health worker in Barangay Mactan in the historic resort city of Lapu-Lapu named after her forefather.

Carla, 41, is the granddaughter of Agapita Pagobo-Tapan. According to filipinogeneogy.com,”The Pagobo and Baring families of Mactan (island) and the Mundo family of Borbon, both in Cebu province, claim that they are modern-day blood relatives of (Lapu-Lapu) the hero of Mactan.”

Reliable sources revealed that Lapu-Lapu was also known as Datu Pula (Red Chief), a Tausog warrior and a Muslim imam (equivalent to a Catholic priest or Christian pastor), who died of old age in Camotes island.

A nursing aide who graduated from Tojong College Inc. (2000-2001), Carla is the national treasurer of Maharlika Solidarity (MASO) which envisions a welfare society like Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Japan, among others.

She is also an active organizer of the Mactan National High School (MNHS) Alumni Association Batch ’98-’99.

Last November, Carla was invited by her alma mater to serve as one of the judges of the “Miss and Mr. Fitness” and the culminating Zumba dance contest of Grade 11 students.

The twin events at the MNHS coincided with the birth anniversary of national revolutionary hero Andres Bonifacio on November 30 which was the eve of Carla’s birthday.

She has called on the students of MNHS to be fit, healthy and productive as they strive to fulfill their dreams for a better future.

Several residents in Barangay Mactan have urged Aying-Cuba — popularly known by her TikTok name “bRaVe TuLiPz” — to run for barangay chairman.

As per latest census, Barangay Mactan has 50,964 residents as of 2020.

The usual toxic ones have bashed and discouraged Carla, saying she has no political experience and has no money to spend on her campaign.

Hopelessly trapped in their backward mindset, these “suyaon” (insecure individuals) keep on punching Carla’s lack of experience and resources.

But isn’t it more than enough that she has proven her organizational and leadership skills with her various activities?

Many have prodded her to run and pledged their unequivocal support as they hope to see meaningful changes in Barangay Mactan if Carla makes it.

She must only remind herself that in her veins runs the blood of Lapu-Lapu who led the people to victory against the seemingly daunting forces.

Carla must seize the day and make a difference in Barangay Mactan.

(Amado Inigo/MTVN)

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