Port of Batangas posts record-high revenue collection for March 2023

Port of Batangas posts record-high revenue collection for March 2023

MANILA — Under the able leadership of District Collector Atty. Rhea Gregorio, the Port of Batangas flattened anew the field, posting again the highest monthly revenue collection for the third straight month since January this year.

And yes, in style.

The BOC-POB posted a record-high total cash collection of 20.235 billion pesos, the highest monthly collection in the entire history of the Bureau of Customs for March.

The Port’s collection was approximately 25% of the total collection of BOC for the month.

This month’s performance was P4.802 billion or 31.12% higher than its posted collection of 15.433 billion pesos on March 2022.

BOC-POB District Collector Atty. Ma Rhea Gregorio said that with the guidance of Commissioner Bienvenido Rubio, the Port of Batangas is committed to intensify its collection efforts and break more records to collect the much-needed revenue for the country.

Gregorio also thanked BOC-POB personnel as their collective efforts allowed them to top BOC’s monthly collections nationwide.

As a whole, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) reported a strong collection performance for the first quarter of 2023, exceeding its revenue target by P16.6 billion or 8.43%.

The BOC collected a total of P213.619 billion for the period of January to March, compared to the revenue target of P197.020 billion for the same period.

It may be recalled that in February 2023, the BOC-POB posted a total cash collection of 17.314 billion pesos, the most in the collection performance of the collection districts in the Philippines that month.

It was approximately 27.54% of the total BOC collection for February 2023, or a 2.277 billion pesos surplus or up by 15.14% from its 15.037 billion pesos revenue target.

Gregorio said the Port’s February performance was 22.01% higher than its posted collection of 14.19 billion pesos on the same month last year.

The Port of Batangas also topped BOC’s collection for January 2023 with a total cash collection of 17.33 billion pesos, or 3.95 billion pesos over its January 2023 target of 13.38 billion.

(El Amigo/MTVN)

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