US announces new $2.6-B aid package to Ukraine

US announces new $2.6-B aid package to Ukraine

WASHINGTON – The United States on Tuesday announced $2.6 billion in new security aid for Ukraine, according to the Pentagon.

The first $500 million in the package includes more ammunition for HIMARS, air defense interceptors and artillery rounds, anti-armor systems, small arms and heavy equipment transport vehicles.

The Pentagon also announced a package of air defense capabilities, as well as artillery and tank ammunition, mortar systems, rockets and anti-armor systems using $2.1 billion in Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) funds.

“The Presidential Drawdown is the thirty-fifth such drawdown of equipment from DoD (Department of Defense) inventories for Ukraine that the Biden Administration has authorized since August 2021,” said the agency.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the new assistance will allow Ukraine to continue to “bravely defend itself” against Russia’s war.

“Russia alone could end its war today. Until Russia does, the United States and our allies and partners will stand united with Ukraine for as long as it takes,” he added.

Meanwhile, a senior US official said the war is at an important stage, adding that the fighting continues in the east “but there have not been significant recent shifts in territorial control.”

“The front lines are relatively static, with significant exchanges of artillery, but without significant maneuver gains by either side. As we have said previously, our focus is on supporting the Ukrainians to change the dynamic on the ground,” the official said. (Anadolu)

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