DOE releases TOR for GEA2 program

DOE releases TOR for GEA2 program

TAGUIG CITY – The Department of Energy (DOE) released the Terms of Reference
(TOR) for the 2nd round of the Green Energy Auction (GEA2) Program, following the publication of the Notice of Auction (NOA) on 27 March 2023.

The TOR supplements the provisions of the GEAP guidelines and will govern the rules and procedures of the auction process.

The TOR is issued every auction round consisting of major GEA instruments such as Auction Design, Bonds, Instruction to Bidders, Bidding Data, Forms, and Templates, and Post Auction requirements.

Under the TOR, the auction capacity requirement in megawatt (MW) per renewable
energy (RE) resource type from 2024 – 2026 are as follows:

RE Resource Type
2024 Installation Targets (in MW)

(Lot 1)

(Lot 2)

(Lot 3)

a) Ground-mounted Solar 1,420 325 280
b) Roof-mounted Solar 160 45 30
c) Onshore Wind 800 400 0
d) Biomass 20 100 20
Total (MW) 2,400 870 330

RE Resource Type
2025 Installation Targets (in MW)

(Lot 4)

(Lot 5)

(Lot 6)

a) Ground-mounted Solar 1420 400 320
b) Roof-mounted Solar 200 30 30
c) Onshore Wind 700 470 0
d) Biomass 5 10 15
Total (MW) 2,325 910 365

RE Resource Type
2026 Installation Targets (in MW)

(Lot 7)

(Lot 8)

(Lot 9)

a) Ground-mounted Solar 1,900 350 300
b) Floating Solar 300 0 0
c) Roof-mounted Solar 50 40 20
d) Onshore Wind 700 500 150
e) Biomass 10 0 0
f) Waste-to-Energy 30 0 0
Total (MW) 2,990 915 495

The supply contract will be for a twenty (20) year period beginning from the date of the commercial operation of the RE project.

Meanwhile, on 12 April 2023, the DOE issued Advisory No. GEA2-1 specifying the
activities of GEA2 and their actual delivery dates, including the release of the TOR.

Subsequently, Advisory No. GEA2-2 was issued on 14 April 2023 to encourage wider participation and foster greater competition in the GEA2. RE developers with Letters of Intent (LOIs) to apply for RE contracts which are filed as of the last day of registration of qualified suppliers may participate in the GEA-2 and in succeeding rounds of the GEA.

Meanwhile, RE developers of roof-mounted solar projects may also register to
participate in the GEA2 without having to submit proof of the filing of an LOI for an RE contract.

Qualified suppliers intending to participate in this auction round are expected to register with the DOE in accordance with the applicable TOR by submitting complete requirements.

An evaluation shall then be conducted by the GEA-Bids Evaluation and
Awards Committee. Qualified bidders will be posted on the DOE’s official website prior to the conduct of the Pre-Bid Conference.

All the succeeding activities specified in Advisory No. GEA2-1 are expected to take place upon release of the Green Energy Auction Reserve (GEAR) Prices by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) on or before 27 April 2023.

The GEAP was designed to continuously trigger the increase of RE capacity in the
country, which will help realize the government’s target of 35% RE in the energy mix by 2030 and 50% by 2040.

(Amado Inigo/MTVN)

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