Solon hopes for reconfigured UK role in world affairs

Solon hopes for reconfigured UK role in world affairs

MANILA — Quezon Province Third District Representative Reynante Arrogancia, a seafarer by training, 

expressed hope for “a gradual shift to a reconfiguration of the role of the United Kingdom in global affairs, the United Nations, and relations with the Association of South East Asian Nations” following the coronation of King Charles.

Britain’s first new monarch in 70 years “has had many occasions of direct interaction with Filipino migrants in the UK, especially those among the healthcare front liners” Cong. Arrogancia said.King Charles was crowned at Westminster Abbey in London during an ancient ceremony that incorporated some modern touches on May 6, 2023.
 “I come not to be served, but to serve,” he was quoted as saying shortly after his coronation.

“He has always expressed gratitude and deep appreciation for how Filipino migrants have contributed much to British society and its people,” the congressman added.

Arogancia also said, “while I am aware that the UK Government is governed at Westminster and the constitutional monarch has largely ceremonial duties, Buckingham Palace still has potent moral suasion.”

“With Brexit and the new dynamics of international affairs, there could be a need for new or updated bilateral agreements between the United Kingdom and the Philippines,” the vice chair of the House Transportation Committee, pointed out.
Arrogancia, also a Member of the House Committee on the West Philippine Sea, welcomes “the interest of the UK Government in having joint military exercises with our armed services. Indeed, the sea and air lanes in the international waters in Southeast Asia need the involvement of the ASEAN defense partners.”
“In the United Nations, there is the need to reshape the UN Security Council, especially the expansion of the number of Permanent Members with veto powers,” Congressman Arrogancia said.
“The UN Security Council’s design is one of the key vestiges of the colonial world order that was in place during and in the aftermath of World War II. That design is no longer in keeping with what the global political, economic, and cultural dynamics are in the 21st Century. In other words, there must be more Permanent Members, including one veto-powered seat that rotates among the ASEAN Members,”  Arrogancia suggested. 

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