DOH provides mobilizations funds, incentives to top-performing Ilocos Region LGUs on MR-OPV SIA vax campaign

DOH provides mobilizations funds, incentives to top-performing Ilocos Region LGUs on MR-OPV SIA vax campaign

MANILA — The Department of Health-Ilocos Region recently announced that it will be providing mobilization funds and giving away additional ed financial incentives to local government units (LGUs) in the Ilocos region to meet their vaccination targets and address the increasing number of susceptible children against vaccine-preventable diseases (VPD) in the country.

Regional Director Paula Paz M. Sydiongco stated that the mobilization fund will assist LGUs in the financial processes and increase allocations for the ongoing Measles-Rubella and bivalent Oral Poliovirus Vaccine Supplementary Immunization Activities (MR-bOPV SIA) campaign.

“This fund will be allocated according to the number of eligible children, vaccinated children, vaccination coverage, and timely reporting. Aside sa mobilization fund meron pang additional financial incentives depende sa accomplishment ng isang LGU.”
Sydiongco added that selected health personnel, technical staff, administrative support, and immunization coordinators at the regional and provincial level who shall act as coordinators, supervisors, and monitors during the campaign shall also be given incentives subject to the availability of funds.
The classification and corresponding mobilization funds that will be given are as follows:

 No. of Vaccinated Children Mobilization FundAdditional Incentive Based on Accomplishment Timely Reporting
Accomplishment (>100%)Accomplishment(95-99.9%)Accomplishment(85-04.99%)
100 to 500₱20,000₱15,000.00₱10,000₱5,000₱5,000.00
501 to 100025,00018,750.0012,5006,2505,000.00
1001 to 200030,00022,500.0015,0007,5005,000.00
2001 to 300035,00026,250.0017,5008,7505,000.00
3001 to 400140,00030,000.0020,00010,0005,000.00
4001 to 500045,00033,750.0022,50011,2505,000.00
5001 to 10,00050,00037,500.0025,00012,5005,000.00
10,000 above55,00041,250.0027,50013,7505,000.00

“We will base the number of children vaccinated as per MR target population. And the number of vaccinated children will be determined after the campaign period, including approved extension days.”
“Nagpapasalamat po ako sa mga suporta ng ating mga LGUs, sa ating mga health workers at sa mga magulang na nagpabakuna po ng kanilang mga anak. Ang ating mga vaccination team ay magpupunta sa inyong mga barangay upang magbigay ng MR-OPV vaccine,” Sydiongco said.


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