Revilla pledges support to LGUs in advancing local infra dev’t

Revilla pledges support to LGUs in advancing local infra dev’t

MANILA — Senator Ramon Bong Revilla, Jr. has made a commitment to collaborate with local government units (LGUs) in their efforts to stimulate local infrastructure development. This declaration was made during the public hearing of the Senate Committee on Public Works on Tuesday (May 16).

“We are aware of our respective roles, particularly in serving our constituents. However, our objective remains the same—to provide them with ample and quality public services. Therefore, we are determined to assist our LGUs in empowering their genuine local autonomy in the realm of infrastructure, which we all recognize as the backbone of the economy,” Revilla affirmed.

As the Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Public Works, Revilla spearheaded the deliberation of various local bills pertaining to road conversion, road renaming, and the establishment of district engineering offices across different regions in the country.

“I have consistently supported road conversion bills. Since assuming the chairmanship of the Committee on Public Works during my first term, we have proposed numerous initiatives of this nature,” stated the senator, who has served three terms.

Revilla emphasized that road conversion plays a crucial role in the progress of LGUs, as road improvements are essential for their economic development. “These roads serve as gateways and pathways through which our people gain access to goods and services,” he added.

During the committee session, bills seeking to convert several roads in Romblon Province into national roads were approved.

The senator also provided insight into the rationale behind road renaming. “By bestowing new names upon roads and bridges, we express our gratitude to those who have contributed to our history. Renaming roads does not alter or erase history; it is simply a way to honor esteemed individuals whose invaluable contributions have shaped our nation,” Revilla aptly explained.

The committee deliberated on various bills aiming to rename specific roads, including proposals to rename Agham Road in Quezon City as Senator Miriam P. Defensor-Santiago Avenue, in tribute to the late distinguished legislator.

Furthermore, Revilla discussed the significance of establishing additional district engineering offices (DEOs) in different LGUs.

“Our intention is to bring services closer to our citizens. With an increased number of DEOs, we believe that service delivery will be more effective. They help bridge gaps and facilitate genuine local autonomy in the realm of infrastructure,” the senator stated.

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