PH Army’s 2ID commences training for new recruits

PH Army’s 2ID commences training for new recruits

MANILA — On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, the Second Infantry “Jungle Fighter” Division of the Philippine Army officially initiated training for a batch of fresh recruits. 

Leading the opening ceremony of Candidate Soldier Course Class 764-2023 was Major General Roberto S. Capulong, the Commander of the 2nd Infantry “Jungle Fighter” Division. 

This class, consisting of 154 new recruits, comprising eight (8) females and 146 males, will undergo a 16-week Basic Military Training, followed by a seven-week specialization program on Infantry Orientation Course at the 2nd Division Training School.

The primary objective of this course is to equip the recruits with the necessary skills and knowledge to become capable and confident soldiers, guided by the principles of the Philippine Army. 

Upon completion of the training, they will be well-prepared to adapt to the military environment as Jungle Fighters and can be deployed to various battalions and brigades of 2ID across the Southern Tagalog Region.

The opening ceremony was attended by several dignitaries, including Brigadier General Jose Augusto V. Villareal, the Assistant Division Commander of 2ID, who delivered the welcome remarks. 

Also present were Lt. Colonel Jericho Sasing, the Commandant of the 2nd Division Training School, as well as other high-ranking officials and staff members of the division. 

Additionally, families and friends of the new recruits were present to show their support.

“This significant day marks a crucial milestone in your lives. Today, you embark on your military career, choosing the noblest way to serve our country and fellowmen. I urge our candidate soldiers to remain resilient and overcome the challenges that lie ahead during their training. I also implore the families and loved ones of our candidates to provide them with the necessary morale support, ensuring they stay focused and inspired to excel in their training,” Maj. General Roberto S. Capulong said in a prepared statement.(ai/mtvn)

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