Romualdez: The House is in order

Romualdez: The House is in order

MANILA — “The House is focused on its work,” said Speaker Romualdez Sunday, emphasizing the need to prioritize legislative solutions for issues affecting ordinary Filipinos instead of politicking as he addressed concerns about recent developments, including the demotion of Senior Majority Leader Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Vice President Sara Duterte’s sudden resignation from Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats last Friday.

Romualdez assured the public that the House of Representatives remains orderly and committed to addressing urgent matters.

Rather than engaging in politicking, Romualdez urged his fellow representatives to concentrate on resolving critical problems such as low power supply, high electricity rates, telco issues, and unstable commodity prices.

He emphasized that the genuine concerns of ordinary Filipinos should take precedence, and it is essential to set aside untimely political maneuvers.

By dedicating more time to finding solutions for the real challenges faced by ordinary citizens, Romualdez expressed confidence in collectively rebuilding a better future.

Furthermore, Romualdez acknowledged the existence of occasional attempts to destabilize the House but stressed the importance of maintaining order to continue their productive work.

He highlighted the positive impact of such order by citing the approval, on the third and final reading, of 29 out of the 42 bills that form President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.’s legislative agenda.

These bills encompass various measures, including debt condonation for agrarian reform beneficiaries, the establishment of specialty centers in provinces similar to the Lung and Heart Centers in Metro Manila, and the Magna Carta bills aimed at safeguarding the rights and welfare of Barangay Health Workers and Seafarers.

(Amado Inigo/MTVN)

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