Martin Romualdez vs Sara Duterte vs Risa Hontiveros in 2028?

Martin Romualdez vs Sara Duterte vs Risa Hontiveros in 2028?

LOOKS LIKE A PREEMPTIVE STRIKE when former President and former Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was demoted as only Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Presidential cousin Ferdinand Martin Romualdez unseated GMA (the initials of the Chief Executive who “creatively” clung to her position in Malacañang for 10 years despite the “Hello Garcia” controversy that aborted the electoral victory of Fernando Poe Jr. or FPJ, who I served as a close-in writer in 2004 and the best president that our country never had) from her proverbial throne as Senior Deputy House Speaker.

Just because of some unidentified “Maritess” who spread the unfounded rumor that GMA would launch a “coup” against FM Romualdez who is obviously eyeing the presidential seat in 2028 to perpetuate the backward system of political dynasties in this hapless third world country.

GMA — who was referred to by PBBM as his “secret weapon” in his fruitful travels abroad — is actually a reliable ally of Inday Sara who is undoubtedly a shoo-in if presidential elections were held today.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to comprehend the reason behind the “irrevocable resignation” of Inday Sara Duterte from the ruling Lakas Christian Muslim Democrats (ironically, there’s no Muslim in its top party officials) headed by GMA and Martin Romualdez.

“I am here today because of the trust of the Filipino people in me to lead and serve them and the country, and this cannot be poisoned by political toxicity or undermined by execrable political powerplay,” Inday Sara said in her statement explaining her bold decision.

The Kakampinks can only watch with amusement the “political toxicity” among the supporters of PBBM and Inday Sara who were the historic first majority elected president and vice president of this archipelago.

I can only imagine what they are thinking: “Sige, maglaslasan kayo ng leeg.” (Go ahead, slash each other’s throat)

It has always been said that a house divided cannot stand.

The divide-and-rule tactic had been effectively used by the imperialists who had ravaged the Philippines.

To the traditional elitist opposition who entered into “tactical alliance” with the social democrats (SocDems) and the Maoist national democrats (NDs), this could be an opportune time to consolidate and prepare for the big bang in 2028 even if it’s five years away.

They should win this time in the 2025 mid-term polls and no longer repeat the nightmarish “Ocho Derecho sa Inidoro” debacle in 2019.

For me, they should forget fielding Atty. Leni Gerona Robredo who may win if she guns for governor in Bicolandia.

I believe Risa Hontiveros will be a good choice considering that she was the only one who won a Senate seat in the 2022 elections.

Baka may pag-asa pang makasilat in a three-cornered fight with Inday Sara and Martin Romualdez. (ai/mtvn)

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