Australian coach Alen Stajcic remains steadfast in his belief in the Filipinas’ abilities as they prepare for a crucial encounter against New Zealand at the Sky Stadium in Wellington. Despite their 0-2 loss to Switzerland in their FIFA Women’s World Cup Group A opener, Stajcic expressed unwavering confidence in his team.

Reflecting on the match against Switzerland, Stajcic praised the Filipinas for their remarkable performance in their World Cup debut. He highlighted their composure and poise, even against a strong Swiss team. Stajcic acknowledged that some doubted the team’s nerves and suitability for the World Cup stage, but he firmly believed that they deserved to be there and proved their worth.

The coach particularly praised the team’s exceptional showing in the early stages of the game, showcasing their preparation and determination. After learning valuable lessons from the Swiss match, the Filipinas continued refining their play at their training facility before heading to Wellington for the upcoming game against New Zealand.

In recalling their previous encounter with New Zealand, where the Ferns secured a 2-1 victory, Stajcic acknowledged the challenge that lies ahead. New Zealand, boosted by their recent upset win against Norway, will be backed by an enthusiastic home crowd, making the task even more daunting for the Filipinas.

However, Stajcic highlighted the team’s history of overcoming adversity, exemplified by their triumphant campaign in capturing the 10th AFF Women’s Championship trophy in Manila a year ago. Rebounding from a close 0-1 loss to Thailand in the group stage, the Filipinas rallied to defeat defending champions Vietnam 4-0 in the semifinals and secured a resounding 3-0 victory over Thailand in the final.

Overall, Alen Stajcic remains optimistic and proud of his team’s representation of the Philippines, instilling a sense of belief that they can rise to the challenge and make their mark on the international stage.