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The First design to extract Deuterium by a Filipino engineer

First of all let us all greet Pastor Jesse Gatdula and television newscaster Aida Gonzales a Happy Happy Birthday !!! We also want to thank our seniors from Pampanga led by Mrs Julie Palana and friends who joined our lunch and presented our Chairman Emeritus with a special gift … The first design to extract Deuterium by a Filipino engineer. We are also gearing up for the first 100 approved FREE ONLINE STORES for Bargain Bay. 

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The Official Maharlika Association distributes food aid, free masks to affected barangay area

The Official Maharlika Association (OMA) has recently distributed food aid and free masks to an affected barangay area.

OMA thanked, in particular, Mr. Ryzal Alvarez who “continues to be at the frontline to bring the OMA and Monozca Foundation assistance or “ayuda” to the people possible.”

Mr. Alvarez is a true soldier of OMA who is in touch with the people like all in OMA and its leadership committee.

“Let us pray for our leaders and members that they may be protected from the COVID-19 as they serve the people,” the OMA said.

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OMA is a Humanitarian Program Shared by All

OMA Chairman Interview – Mr. Paul Moñozca (Part 1)

For the first time, we concluded an exclusive interview with the Chairman of the Official Maharlika Association (OMA), Mr. Paul Moñozca on how OMA has evolved in playing a vital role in providing aid to the people and how the most challenging program to come is meant to change the mindset of the people so more positive change will happen for the association. 

The interview also touches on the key priorities of OMA such as it’s ongoing support to provide virus protection masks for the frontliners and people, the food aid packs, the agriculture initiative which provides vegetable and palay seeds to the farmers, the cash aid to the PWD’s, educational scholarships and most of all the much awaited launch of a dedicated ecosystem for the OMA and its humanitarian recipients. 

The interview also touches on for the first time, the Chairman Emeritus of OMA, Mdm. IRM and it’s sister organisations such as the Formula Green Corporation (FGC), the Formula Green Foundation (FGF) and the tremendous support from the European based Monozca Foundation thru it’s Singapore representative office. 

The Official Maharlika Association (OMA) is a group of 8 key organisations which strengthen the cultural identity of the people who are part of the historical Maharlika Empire.

The OMA is a private sector program and is non-political. The organization is focused in providing aid to it’s members thru various programs especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The OMA is now a global organization with over 10million members which see the OMA as their 2nd family and 2nd home.

The OMA is a key recipient of the Formula Green Foundation (FGF) and it’s parent, the Formula Green Corporation (FGC). The European based Moñozca Foundation thru it’s Singapore representative office is also a key donor to the OMA.

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Official Maharlika Association now an official partner of WOF

WORLD ORPHANAGE FUND PARTNERSHIP: The Official Maharlika Association (OMA) is now an official partner of the World Orphanage Fund (WOF) which provides aid/ayuda (and toys) to our orphan and street children.

“We have started to look into various orphanages in the country to provide hope and cheer to our abandoned children.

The WOF and the Monozca Foundation (www.monozca.com) our key donor, is working closely with us to make OMA have presence with our children.

We thank our Chairman and all the Philippine Ambassadors from other countries together with representatives of the DFA, for attending it’s launch during the last Formula One event held in Singapore pre-COVID-19.”

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Official Maharlika Association lauds invitation to announce FGC official entry to a leading space industry fund

FORMULA GREEN NEWS FLASH: The Official Maharlika Association is pleased to be invited and ecstatic to announce the official entry of the Formula Green Corporation (FGC) to a leading space industry fund jointly organized by the European Union and the UAE based in France.

This entry provides FGC with co-ownership in four (4) key patents in Fusion, Propulsion Systems, Nanotechnology (for Hydrogen and Deuterium extraction) and Quantum Computing for the space industry.

All four have developed prototypes and working models and are already contracted by two leading space companies in the world based in the US.

The entry by FGC to the fund will be represented by way of two (2) board seats for OMA’s Chairman & CEO, Mr. Paul Moñozca and one for OMA nominated scientist.

OMA will provide more information in this breakthrough participation in the weeks to come together with OMA’s new scientific team.

Let us congratulate our FGC team on this momentous occasion which will strengthen FGC as a leader in its field together with our program for Humanity.

OMA wishes to thank all those who voted in favor of the entry of FGC.

Website : http://www.formulagreencorporation.com 🙂 #MabuhayFGC #MabuhayIRM #MabuhayAngMaharlika