President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has officially lifted the State of Public Health Emergency across the entire Philippines, which was initially declared in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This decision was communicated by Presidential Communications Secretary Cheloy Garafil on Saturday.

The President’s action came in the form of Proclamation 297, issued on Friday, July 21.

With the lifting of the State of Public Health Emergency, all previous orders, memoranda, and directives that were applicable solely during this emergency period are now considered withdrawn, revoked, or canceled, and they will no longer have any effect.

Furthermore, President Marcos clarified that all emergency use authorizations (EUA) granted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in accordance with Executive Order (EO) 121 (s. 2020) will remain valid for a duration of one year from the date of lifting the State of Public Health Emergency.

This extension is specifically for the purpose of utilizing any remaining vaccine doses that were procured during the emergency period.

This move signifies a significant step in the country’s ongoing efforts to manage and respond to the pandemic. (ai/mnm)