First time 21 MRT-3 trains run simultaneously

“First time in history po na nakapag- field o nakapaglabas o nakapag-patakbo ang MRT-3  sa main line ng 21 train sets (This is the first time in its history that the MRT-3 was able to field or operate 21 train sets in the mainline),” Department of Transportation (DOTr) Assistant Secretary Goddes Hope Libiran said. She noted that the MRT-3 plans to field up to 24 train sets after the comprehensive rehabilitation of the rail service.

“Maximum capacity of the mainline now is 21 train sets. But the target is up to 24 train sets,” Libiran said. In 2016, she said the MRT-3 had 22 operational trains, but only a maximum of 20 trains were fielded because of the limited maximum capacity of the rail service.

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