MANILA — Jomari Yllana, known for his roles in both the entertainment industry and politics, has taken a step toward marital bliss by proposing to his girlfriend, former provocative actress Abby Viduya.

Viduya took to Instagram to share snapshots capturing the enchanting moment of their engagement, which took place in Hong Kong, the very place where their love story ignited three decades ago.

“In a moment of unexpected surprise, he proposed and my answer was a resounding ‘Yes.’ Tears of joy flowed uncontrollably; this was such an unexpected blessing. My emotions overwhelmed me. My dear, you bring me boundless happiness. My love for you is everlasting,” Viduya’s heartfelt caption read.

“What’s quite amusing is that we had already laid out all our wedding arrangements, but you were determined to propose in the very spot where our journey began 30 years ago. Anticipation for our journey as husband and wife fills me with excitement. Your thoughtfulness knows no bounds,” she affectionately added.

It was just last year when Yllana and Viduya joyfully shared their intentions to walk down the aisle together.

The story of Viduya and Yllana traces back to their youth as high school sweethearts, only to find their paths converging again in 2015 through the realm of social media. The embers of their affection were rekindled when Viduya paid a visit to Manila in 2019.

Yllana attained celebrity status as a member of the 1990s trio Gwapings, sharing the limelight with Mark Anthony Fernandez, Eric Fructuoso, and later, Jao Mapa. (AI/MNM)