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The Maharlika TV News — Maharlika TV News Group — is a news portal manned by a team of respected journalists, managers, consultants, and publishers honed from diverse experiences and fields, as business, brand and media consulting, entertainment, finance, media, science & technology, public service, research, sports, etc. on both local and global stages.

It is also where you find TOMORROW’S NEWS TODAY.


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Our Privacy & Cookies Policy

Section 1. What information do we gather?

The information we gather are of two types:

  • Information that relates directly to you (your name and email address)
  • Information that does not directly identify you (how you browse our website)

Section 2. How do we use your information

When we seek your permission. We will use your information in accordance with your specific consent or instructions. For example, when you have requested or entered an inquiry of our services through our ‘contact form’ or when you opt for the ‘email us now’ link.

Other uses of your information fall under that which does not directly identify you as in the case of how you use or engage on our website. We use your information to make sure content and structure on the website are presented in the most effective way for you through your computer or mobile device/s; to assess and understand our visitors’ usage of our site; to comply with legal obligations against fraud.

Section 3. How do we gather information?

As set out in Section 1, we gather information:

  • Indirectly by using web technology that tracks and administers your visit through your browser
  • Directly when you fill in our form
  • Through your device where you have enabled location services for applicable browser; this may be used for location analytics and connection types and may be managed on your device or website preferences.

Section 4. What are cookies?

Cookies, in the context of the Internet, are small, sometimes encrypted text files, placed by websites in your browser’s directory, and retrieved next time you visit our website or load another page on our site. These cookies can be from the site, or from third parties such as plug-ins, embedded apps on the site or ad networks.

Many websites use cookies for their core processes, so rejecting those blocks of information reduces some or all of the site functionality. Cookies enable smoother, more efficient site use by visitors by storing your site-specific information and preferences (in cases they are required, like signing up for an email or other online service) such as theme, language setting, privacy preferences, and even user ID and password, so you don’t need to re-enter those each time you visit a new page, or leave and return to the site.

Cookies contain small amounts of information downloaded to any internet-enabled device, such as your computer, smartphone or tablet, whenever you visit a website. These cookies are sent back to our website on each subsequent visit.

Section 5. Why do we use cookies?

  • We use cookies to make our website easier to use: deliver personalised experience and provide expeditious performance of our website pages on future engagements with us.
  • We use cookies to comply with any applicable laws and regulations.
  • We also use cookies to compile anonymous, aggregated statistics on how people use our website to help us improve its structure and content, and to measure the effectiveness of our content.

Section 6. You can control cookies

You can manage your cookies by refusing your consent, switching off, disabling, or deleting cookies. Refusing consent, switching off, disabling, or deleting cookies however will take longer time for you to engage with our page again or you may not visit certain areas of our website or may not receive personalised information when you visit a website.

By default, browsers on mobile devices are set up to accept cookies. To view and manage cookies on your mobile device: (1) open the browser; (2) go to Menu>Settings>Privacy & Security. You will see if your device accepts or allows cookies. For iOS devices, go to Settings>Safari. Under Privacy & Security, you will find if ‘Block All Cookies’ are switched on or off.

If you do not wish our website to store cookies on your device, you will have to change your browser settings so that you will be prompted when certain cookies will be stored.

To view what specific cookies we use (on your computer), you may click on the ‘Secure’ icon right before the ‘https’ on the address bar (URL) of your browser and select ‘Cookies’ when the drop-down menu appears.

Also, to see what cookies are on your computer or device, visit What Are Cookies? to provide you instructions on how to work on specific browsers.

Section 7. What cookies do we use?

  • Necessary cookies that do not identify you as an individual.
  • Performance cookies that do not identify you as an individual.
  • Third-Party cookies to enable functionalities. We use a few of plug-ins that may also set cookies on your device on our behalf when you visit our website in order to provide digital experience and functionalities on our website.

Section 8. Duration of the cookies we use

We may use two types of cookies:

  • Session cookies are temporary and remain on your device until you leave our website; or
  • Persistent cookies that remain on your device for much longer.

We only use the data you provide us in accordance to your request or inquiry. Rest assured that your data is safe with us.