MANILA — President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. pledged on Tuesday to position the Philippines as a dominant force in Asian tourism, as the country launched its revitalized tourism campaign called “Love the Philippines.”

Marcos spearheaded the unveiling of the new campaign slogan during the Department of Tourism’s (DoT) 50th-anniversary celebration at the Manila Hotel.

This fresh campaign replaces the previous slogan, “It’s more fun in the Philippines,” which was conceptualized during the presidency of Benigno Aquino 3rd and continued under the Duterte administration.

Marcos expressed his commitment to advancing the country’s tourism industry, emphasizing that “this prioritization goes beyond mere economic stimulation and job creation.”

“It stems from the genuine affection we, the Filipinos, have for our homeland. And what better way to express that love than by incorporating it directly into our country’s latest tourism campaign slogan, Love the Philippines,” stated Marcos.

“This newly unveiled branding will serve as our guiding principle for the Philippine Tourism Industry going forward,” he added.

The President expressed gratitude to Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco and the DoT for devising the new slogan, which he believes not only promotes the Philippines as a tourist destination but also enhances the overall experience for every traveler.

“Our objectives include promoting regional products, improving travel infrastructure, and championing sustainable practices, among other initiatives,” he explained.

Marcos revealed that these plans are detailed in the National Tourism Development Plan for 2023-2028, which received approval in May.

“The five-year plan emerged from this administration’s determination to implement programs that will propel our country to become a tourism powerhouse in Asia in the coming years,” Marcos stated. “Let us, therefore, strive to turn our golden vision into reality, encompassing this year’s milestone theme of Ginto, meaning Greater Innovations, New Tourism Opportunities.”

Citing the latest data on the state of the country’s tourism sector, Marcos highlighted the positive trends in tourism revenues, employment, international arrivals, and domestic trips.

“These are all encouraging signs that the tourism industry in our country is on the path to a full recovery. It also sends a strong message to the world that we are ready and well-equipped to welcome tourists, travelers, and investors,” he expressed.

The President called on Filipinos to become “tourism ambassadors” for the country.

“Let us take pride in and celebrate our love for our nation and our people, as it is this same love that gave meaning to the establishment of the DoT and will drive our tourism industry forward into the future,” he urged.

Earlier, Frasco remarked that the Philippines’ marketing strategy would undergo a “major change,” shifting the focus to “highlight the heart and soul of the Filipino.”

She emphasized that this transformation would showcase the country’s culture, festivals, food, and products.

“Everything that makes us diverse, unique, and proud as Filipinos… let us take pride in our place. We are presenting the best of the best of the Philippines to the world because it is undeniable that we offer the world our best,” Frasco asserted.

The Philippines currently holds the sixth spot on the list of top tourism destinations in Southeast Asia.

According to DoT data, the Philippine tourism industry generated PHP 1.74 trillion from domestic and international tourism receipts and created 5.2 million jobs for Filipinos in 2022.