(by Arturo Belano)

THE Ateneo de Manila University will offer a new program under its Gokongwei Brothers School of Education and Learning Design.

This is the first undergraduate education offering of the university known as BS Learning Science & Design or BS LEARN.

The newly created program is aligned with a strategic priority area of the university —Educational Reform and Transformation, as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4.

“The four-year undergraduate course is unlike other traditional teacher undergraduate courses as it is not only about teaching in traditional spaces like classrooms in schools and universities, but it is also about preparing learning professionals who will design and promote learning in different environments,” Ateneo said.

“Its graduates will not be limited to the teaching profession in basic education or higher education—instead, BS LEARN has been designed precisely to produce learning professionals in any field,” it added.

Graduates will be equipped for alternative careers that involve instructional and learning design beyond formal education, such as online learning, professional development and training.

The program also aims to produce graduates who can offer technology-empowered, innovatively designed and science-backed education.

It will combine core subjects such as English, Filipino, Math, Natural Sciences, History, Philosophy, Theology and more.

Major courses include Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education, Educational Psychology, Social and Emotional Learning, Learning Analytics & Educational Data Mining, and Creative Thinking for Educators, among others.

“BS LEARN adopts a multidisciplinary approach and offers various disciplinary tracks such as Science, Math, English, Filipino, Social Sciences, Guidance and Counseling, Religious/Values Education, School Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Training, and Education Technologies,” Ateneo said.