The police are currently conducting an investigation into the tragic death of a woman whose health took a severe turn for the worse just two days after she underwent comprehensive whole-body liposuction at a clinic in Russia.

Anna Andrea, aged 47, had opted for an extensive procedure that encompassed fat removal from multiple areas, including her face, neck, chin, breasts, stomach, hips, flanks, back, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, knees, calves, and ankles, all performed in a single session.

The surgery was carried out by renowned Russian plastic surgeon Maria Burlova, who heads the Abriell Clinic in St. Petersburg. However, Dr. Burlova may now potentially face legal consequences related to this case.

Anna’s grieving husband and daughter expressed their distress, stating that they were not informed when she was rushed to a state hospital due to complications that arose just two days after the procedure. It is suspected that she may have experienced a heart attack and severe body swelling.

Kira Fedora, Anna’s shocked daughter, revealed that her mother had initially only planned for a facelift. She asserted that the decision to undergo surgery on her entire body was influenced by external pressures, particularly from the clinic, which actively promoted such comprehensive procedures. Prior to the surgery, Anna had undergone heart checks, and the results had indicated no concerns.

After the full-body liposuction, Anna remained in communication with her family, but this abruptly ceased as her health deteriorated. Kira added that they have already initiated legal action against the clinic.

Dr. Burlova has not yet issued a statement regarding this matter. An advertisement video featuring the surgeon promoting her services is also in circulation.

(Sourced online/ai/mnm)