By Benjamin Cuaresma

MANILA – On Tuesday (June 26, 2023), two anti-aircraft projectiles were accidentally discovered at a construction site here.

Ranniel Gara, a backhoe operator working for the Construction and Development Corporation, unexpectedly came across the projectiles while operating his machine at the National Museum Complex on Taft Avenue, Ermita Manila.

Prompted by a phone call from Christopher Basilio, the security officer at the National Museum Complex, requesting assistance regarding the unearthed projectiles, an initial investigation was conducted. PLT Leo Limbaga supervised the proceedings.

At 6:00 PM, a bomb disposal team, led by PSSG Chito Jesus de Guzman, was swiftly dispatched to the location. They meticulously secured the area to ensure the safety of onlookers and minimize the risk of any accidental detonation.

Subsequently, the projectiles were identified as 75 MM and 27 MM Anti-Aircraft cartridges.

Both were transported to the MPD headquarters for safekeeping and proper disposal.