By Benjamin Cuaresma

MANILA — The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has disclosed the outcome of its investigation, revealing that the captain of the ill-fated boat that capsized in Binangonan, Rizal, did not possess a valid license.

MARINA’s inquiry involved consultations with representatives from the Talim Island Passenger Motorboat and Patron Association (TIPMOPA), where it was unearthed from official records that Donald Anain, the captain of the vessel named Aya Express, lacked the requisite credentials.

Addressing the tragedy, discussions between MARINA and the aforementioned association also revolved around providing assistance to the victims.

Among the matters under consideration is the issuance of insurance coverage for the 27 passengers who tragically lost their lives.

Recalling the events of July 17, 2023, it was the Provincial Government of Rizal that initially extended support to the affected families and initiated an independent investigation into the incident.

The disastrous incident, which saw an overloaded boat capsizing in the waters off Binangonan, Rizal, claimed the lives of 27 individuals.

MARINA is committed to a thorough examination of the incident, with a focus on determining the underlying causes of the accident, identifying responsible parties, and ensuring legal accountability. (ai/mnm)