Gretchen Barretto mellows, affirms love for sis Claudine, mom Inday

AFTER a year since their emotional meeting during the wake of the Barretto patriarch Miguel, Gretchen Barretto proves that she has really mellowed as she shows that she and mom Inday are now truly in good terms with each other.

Just recently, Gretchen left a message on the comments section of Claudine’s Instagram post.

She said: “I am overjoyed to see you all looking so happy [smile emoji], know that I appreciate each of you for making mom aliw (heart emoji]).

“Bro J, I am proud of you (heart emoji).

“Baby girl, Clau, thank you for inspiring me to be a better daughter (heart emoji). Our Ate Mich.”

Claudine posted a photo where she was with their mom Inday with brother Jay-Jay and Michelle. They celebrated their parents Inday and Miguel’s wedding anniversary in small gathering at a restaurant.

Although Gretchen failed to attend, Claudine thanked her in return.

“Happy civil wedding anniversary of Mom & Dad. We miss you, Dad. Thank you, jjbarretto,@gretchenbarretto,”  Claudine posted.

They also remembered their father’s death anniversary last October 15—Inday, Claudine, Jay-Jay and Michelle in a condo unit where Gretchen also reacted and called them, “my family.” She also said that she will join them “next time.”

Last August, Gretchen posted a heart, kiss and praying emojis on Claudine’s photo with Inday, as a sign of her love for her mom.

It could be remembered that Gretchen and mother Inday had a rift which led to a word war in 2013 when they exchanged deep-rooted anger towards each other. detailed the showbiz history report of the six-year war between Gretchen and Inday. That incident was made public and they didn’t have any communications until on October 16, 2019 when Gretchen and Inday met at Miguel’s wake.

In that moment of grief, the mother and daughter embraced and forgave each other.  It was also in 2013 when Gretchen and Claudine had a rift but they had also forgiven each other in February 2019.

However, Gretchen and Claudine seem like they have not yet buried the hatchet with sister Marjorie.  They had an intense confrontation right in their father’s wake.

According to Gretchen, Marjorie was so mad when she came to their father’s wake. Marjorie even refused to shake hands with her despite the request of President Duterte, who was also present at that time to be reconciled with each other.

Marjorie claimed that she was not happy with Gretchen’s visit because for her, her sister’s attempt to reconcile was just orchestrated. If she was really sincere, she could have visited their father while he was still in the hospital.

Marjorie and Gretchen’s rift started in late 2014 and has not been on speaking terms up to this day.

Miguel and Inday have seven children— Mito, Michelle, Jay-Jay, Gia, Gretchen, Marjorie and Claudine.(Evelyn C. Diao)

Sarah Geronimo Guidicelli admits learning how to handle her own finances

SINCE Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo got married to actor Matteo Guidicelli in February, she has realized and learned many things, from cooking to handling her own finances.

After a long time spending almost 20 years in showbiz, Sarah has just experienced budgeting her own money, gradually learning how to properly manage, spend, and save her income.

During her younger years as a singer and actress, her mother Divine Geronimo has been in charge of everything she earns. She acknowledges how her mother really took care of their family. Despite the bad things that happened between her and Mommy Divine, the singer-actress is still grateful to her mother for all she did for her and their family.

“I grew up very dependent on my parents, because they really took care of me,” Sarah says. “My mother would do everything she could for me, so that my work will not be distracted,” she continues.

“To be honest, my adulting was like expedited, It’s only now that I experience how to budget, how to invest,” Sarah stresses.

“I keep reminding myself now that I am no longer single. I have to accept that I am no longer single. Now, I am learning with the help of my husband,” she relates.

Sarah and Matteo are currently planning on building their own family. “My priority in life is now different. My priority now is my husband. Because that is the essence of marriage, that your priority is your husband and the family that you will be building with him,” she ends.

She also caused some buzz online due to her future online business with her husband Matteo who shared photos of Sarah’s lemon blueberry cake on Instagram. A lot of their friends and followers were interested. The actor told their friends that they will be accepting orders soon and that they should order one week in advance.

Though she is now a housewife and busy with her career,  she did not forget to greet her father on his special day. She posted on her IG account a picture taken during the singer’s “The Great Unknown Unplugged” concert four years ago. She wrote, “Ang aking habambuhay. Maligayang kaarawan po, tatay Delfin ko.”

This is Sarah’s first public message to her father following her controversial wedding. Fans waited for Sarah’s father to reply in the comments section of her post to no avail.

Until now, there is no news if Sarah and Mommy Divine have kissed and made up after the controversial wedding ceremony. (Evelyn C. Diao)

Loisa Andalio gets emotional over losing job amid pandemic: “Deep inside, it’s not okay”

Young Kapamilya artist Loisa Andalio, 21, was emotional when she narrated how her family got affected by the loss of her job during this pandemic.

Being the breadwinner in the family, the actress couldn’t hide her tears as she narrated her situation.

“The most challenging is when you lost your job. As a breadwinner, it is hard, isn’t it? Your family depends on you,” she opened.

She related her story in an episode of ABS-CBN morning talk show na “Magandang Buhay” just recently.  

“When you have a job and everything in the family is doing good, and then suddenly, it’s gone, it’s hard,” she lamented. She said that the earnings of her siblings are just enough for their respective families.

“‘The salaries of my brothers are just enough for the expenses of their children. So, it’s really hard,” she cried.

But even if she is terribly worried, she manages to keep this from her loved ones.

She could only pour out her emotions to her boyfriend Ronnie Alonte, who, just like her is also the breadwinner in his family.

“We talk about the situation, it’s just like, ‘We don’t know, no?’” she said. “It’s hard. We are the strength of the family —- education, food, everything. It’s like, we don’t want them to worry, to fear.” It was at this point that Loisa became in tears.

Filled with emotions, Loisa related: We just don’t show it. If they know about it, and it’s really hard.

“But I can show my family, this is nothing, this is okay. It’s okay that I don’t have a job, don’t think about it.’ But deep inside, it’s not okay.”

Despite all these, I still feel luckier and blessed than others.

“I have a house, we can eat, but what about those who are in the “hand-to-mouth existence?

“So I don’t think so much about ourselves. We are just thankful that the family is healthy, nobody is sick.” She said that she continues to hold on to their faith that this shall pass and everything will go back to normal.

“I still talk to them and encourage them that everything will be okay, we will get through this, it is just a test. This happens and everybody gets through this experience. You just have to increase your faith.

“This quarantine is a way for us to be closer to God. And that is what I am holding on to, His promises,” Loisa expressed.

When asked for a message for her loved ones, she continuously  assured them that everything will be okay. “Like what I always remind you, this is life, we just need to enjoy it. Don’t be stressed by whatever problem that comes, just always bear in mind, you are strong, we are strong.”

She is just delighted that she has a happy family. And they are resilient.

Loisa is one of the well-known young stars of ABS CBN. She was last seen paired with Ronnie in a primetime series “The General’s Daughter” in 2019. They also play the lead roles in “James and Pat and Dave” movie showin in February.

During the early month of 2020, it was announced that Loisa and Ronnie would do a teleseries titled “Cara Y Cruz” with  Tony Labrusca, Heaven Peralejo, Marco Gumabao, Barbie Imperial and Julia Barretto.

They already had a virtual meeting with the cast and production staff sometime in June 2020. Julia also mentioned that they would start the taping soon.

But there was a big change when Julia transferred to Viva Artists Agency in September.

Julia was pulled out from the cast along with another Viva artist  Marco. And so were Loisa and Ronnie although they were both Star Magic talents.

Performers connect online during pandemic

AMBASSADORS. Actress Julie Ann San Jose (left) and Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray (right) were named Music and Arts ambassadors, respectively, early this year. They are joined by singer KZ Tandingan (center) who has been NCCA’s music ambassador since 2019. The NCCA says the industry has been among the most hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, as live events and production were put to a halt. (PNA file photo by Cristina Arayata)

MANILA – The temporary shut down of movie sets, concerts, and theatres due to the pandemic has pushed performers in the entertainment industry to the sidelines, and now have been trying to adapt through the internet.

The industry is among the most hit by the ongoing health crisis. Since March, live events have been prohibited in areas under general community quarantine. Freelance cultural artists and workers from various sectors such as dance and music were greatly affected as there are no gigs and events.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) estimated there are about 14,500 freelance cultural artists and workers affected by the pandemic.

When the quarantine began, musician Israel Tandoc was among those who had to stop bringing beautiful music to a sudden halt.

“It’s difficult now because there are no live concerts or even bar gigs — totally none right now. Some of us who don’t have a day job are stuck, to the point that they are selling their own musical instruments in order to get by,” Tandoc told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Sunday.

The government and some private firms have extended aid and are continuously finding ways to help the artists, as well as provide them with an avenue to showcase their talents and entertain the public.

Cash assistance amounting to almost PHP69 million was given to close to 10,000 affected workers as of August.

This cash assistance came from the National Endowment Fund and from the budget for NCCA’s programs that cannot continue due to the pandemic, according to chairman Arsenio “Nick” Lizaso.

NCCA deputy executive director Marichu Tellano earlier said that after giving cash assistance, the NCCA would look at other possible platforms where the artists and workers could showcase their works. The Commission is also eyeing to retool them, she added.

Lizaso said the NCCA is planning for different programs under the “new normal” such as conducting webinars and lectures online.

Private firms also did their share and have used the online platform to stage performances and concerts.

Music solutions agency, Homonym, for instance, have showcased performances and talks via the Sonik Philippines 2020 from October 15-17. Performers included the Itchyworms, Assembly Generals, Shades of Native, Peregrine, as well as foreign acts such as Lightcraft (Indonesia), Hyangni (South Korea), Deep Set (Malaysia), among others.

Globe Telecom, on the other hand, provided an avenue for rising P-pop group SB19, Ben&Ben, Kiana Valenciano, etc., to entertain fans via the G Music Fest last September 26. American alternative rock band, LANY, was also part of the lineup that the public was able to watch for free, whether they are Globe subscribers or not.

Meanwhile, the government also has a long-term plan for the industry. In a webinar over the weekend, Pangasinan Representative Christopher de Venecia said the House of Representatives is working closely with the NCCA to strengthen the country’s music industry.

“We need to have a roadmap so the industry can have the key industry indicators, the same thing that Kpop was able to do in Korea,” he said.

De Venecia added that a bill was already filed for the creation of the Music Development Council of the Philippines, which would stimulate and promote the creation and rendition of good music by means of grants, loans, and other forms of assistance to qualified persons and institutions. (PNA)

Gary V shares result of test for cancer: ‘Thank God! I’m good!’

MR. PURE Energy Gary Valenciano ponders on the past two years of his life “miraculous,” given his good state of health after having been diagnosed with cancer and then overcoming the illness.

Just recently,  Valenciano shared with his followers an update on his health, as he chronicled through a video a day of medical testing.

“The testing is supposed to determine if everything is okay inside, or if anything has tried to make its way back into my body since 2018,” he said.

Valenciano, 56, considered his 2018 as turbulent, having undergone numerous medical procedures, including an open-heart surgery, and an operation to remove a malignant tumor from his kidney.

He admitted that he was anxious about his CT scan, and he emphasized, “I’m believing I’m okay.

“I just wanted to share this with those of you who may have had to encounter things like this, dealing with the big C,” he said.

“But don’t fear. Through it all, there’s a bigger C. That’s Christ, who is with us. Whether are not we’re going through anything, He’s always with us.”

In his video, it showed Gary was readying himself for the test before arriving at the hospital. It also had a glimpse of the CT machine.

At the end of the video, a beaming Valenciano said: “I’m good. Thank God. I’m good!”

And in his Instagram post, he quoted a biblical verse on Hebrews 10:23—“So now we must cling tightly to the hope that lives within us, knowing that God always keeps his promises!”

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