Photo shows Commissioner Albert Dela Cruz (seated, center) after signing the memorandum of agreement with SWTI president Francis Eric Chao (right) and John Gilbert Madarang of 11 FTCEI. (Photo supplied)

MANILA — The Climate Change Commission (CCC) has established collaborations with private sector entities to advance the creation and production of local environmentally friendly goods.

These partnerships are also aimed at finding cooperative approaches for safeguarding the environment and addressing the challenges of climate change through adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Albert Dela Cruz Sr., the Climate Change Commissioner, recently announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with SafeWater Technologies Incorporated (SWTI).

This MOU signifies a joint endeavor to bolster the nation’s climate change action program. Another MOU was also secured with 11 FTC Enterprises Inc. (11 FTCEI) to foster joint initiatives in crafting ecologically sustainable products, as well as exploring innovative techniques for waste collection and recycling.

Commissioner Dela Cruz emphasized that effectively addressing the consequences of climate change necessitates a comprehensive and collective approach involving the entire nation and its communities.

He stressed that everyone’s participation is crucial in the concerted effort to safeguard and conserve the environment.

Francis Eric Chao, the President and CEO of SafeWater Technologies, concurred with the commissioner’s stance. He noted that as a domestically owned manufacturing and service company, SWTI envisions a robust collaboration with the CCC.

Such a partnership aims to facilitate projects that contribute to the government’s pursuit of resilience and economic stability.

Similarly, John Gilbert Madarang from 11 FTCEI highlighted the vital role of private organizations in orchestrating and leading diverse climate change, environmental, and ecological sustainability initiatives in coordination with relevant government bodies. (ai/mnm)