The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has taken action against the Philippine Christian University (PCU) for a series of infractions.

CHED Chairman Prospero De Vera has issued a show cause order, directing PCU to cease immediately from delivering and executing any programs lacking an official CHED permit, endorsement, or authorization.

This encompasses activities such as transnational higher education, distance learning, and fully online courses.

Among the university’s violations are conducting transnational higher education (TNHE) programs without the requisite governmental approval, failure to provide essential data regarding its international institutional collaborators, not adhering to the stipulated faculty-to-student ratio for its Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management program, publicly announcing TNHE programs without CHED’s sanction, affiliating with institutions not endorsed as quality higher education providers by their respective governments or accredited by recognized accrediting bodies, and presenting abbreviated graduate programs through extended classes using distance education and online methodologies without proper authorization. (ai/mnm)