The Department of Tourism (DoT) announced on Sunday that it has launched a comprehensive investigation into the recently unveiled promotional video for the “Love the Philippines” campaign. The video has been accused of incorporating stock footage shot abroad.

In a statement released late Saturday and shared on DOT Secretary Christina Frasco’s Facebook account, it was revealed that the DoT’s contracted agency, DDB Philippines, had prepared and released an audio-visual presentation (AVP) as part of the enhanced tourism campaign. However, certain sections of the AVP have come under scrutiny due to allegations of non-original shots being used.

“The DOT is presently conducting an exhaustive investigation to ascertain the accuracy of these allegations and gather all the pertinent facts,” stated the tourism chief on Sunday.

According to the DoT, they had repeatedly sought confirmation from DDB regarding the originality and ownership of all materials utilized in the video and accompanying visuals during prior consultations.

“On multiple occasions, DDB assured the DOT that all materials were original and owned appropriately,” the DoT stated.

DDB Philippines was awarded the contract to develop the updated branding campaign, which replaced the previous tourism slogan “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.”

Frasco had previously disclosed that the entire campaign, including research, logo creation, and other components, amounted to a cost of P49 million.

The DoT clarified that no public funds were utilized in the production of the viral AVP, as it was solely the responsibility of DDB.

The DoT emphasized its commitment to ensuring accountability and taking necessary action to safeguard the country’s interests.

Blogger Sass Sasot, in a Facebook post on Saturday, highlighted that at least six clips featured in the “Love the Philippines” promotional video was sourced from stock footage site Storyblocks and not filmed within the country. (ai/mnm)