UNITED KINGDOM — While the rain briefly dampened her momentum, it proved incapable of halting Alex Eala’s determined advance toward yet another finals appearance in an ITF tournament.

In a gripping showdown at the W25 ITF Roehampton singles semifinal here on the night of August 12 (Manila time), the Filipino tennis prodigy overcame Dutch opponent Arianne Hartono in a hard-fought encounter, prevailing with a score of 7-6 (4), 2-6, 6-1.

Defying expectations, Eala, the tournament’s sixth seed, defeated the third-seeded Russian-Aussie contender Arianne Hartono to set up an eagerly anticipated final on the following Sunday evening.

Should she emerge triumphant in this pivotal match, Eala would secure her fourth ITF singles title, further solidifying her tennis prowess.

Following a nail-biting victory in the first set, Eala found herself trailing 1-4 in the second frame.

However, her attempt at a comeback was temporarily disrupted by an hour-long rain delay.

Upon the resumption of play, Eala faced challenges in regaining her momentum, allowing Hartono to seize the opportunity and level the match by clinching the second set.

Unfazed, Eala was resolute in the deciding set.

Displaying her signature determination, the 18-year-old Filipino sensation swiftly established a commanding 5-1 lead.

Capitalizing on her momentum, Eala successfully broke Hartono’s serve in the seventh game, securing her victory in the match.