Former Pakistani PM Imran Khan (The New York Times photo courtesy)

LAHORE, Pakistan — Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, was apprehended at his residence in Lahore, the bustling eastern city, on Saturday. This action was carried out by law enforcement and authorities subsequent to a court in Islamabad, the capital, pronouncing him guilty of corruption and handing down a three-year imprisonment sentence.

As per reports from news agencies, the erstwhile international cricket icon has been entangled in a series of legal proceedings over allegations that he contends are politically motivated. These legal battles arose subsequent to his removal through a no-confidence vote the previous year. Khan was notably absent during the pronouncement of his sentence on Saturday.

“Pakistan television relayed the announcement by Judge Humayun Dilawar, confirming the establishment of involvement in corrupt practices,” stated the report.

Shortly after the court’s verdict, the police entered Khan’s residence in Lahore and took him into custody.