House Deputy Majority Leader and Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin clarified that her scrutiny of Dr. Anthony Leachon’s qualifications was not a personal attack.

When questioned about Leachon’s resignation, she emphasized, “This is not a personal matter concerning Leachon.”

Leachon had recently submitted his resignation as the Department of Health’s (DOH) special adviser on non-communicable diseases to Health Secretary Ted Herbosa.

Garin, a former Health Secretary, defended her stance by stating, “However, I remain steadfast in holding Secretary Herbosa accountable for not allowing the DOH to be utilized as a platform for individuals lacking expertise.”

She voiced her concern that the statements and opinions of non-experts could mislead the general public, potentially posing significant public health risks.

Garin highlighted the growing issue of an “infodemic,” a man-made virus infecting public health and science, and emphasized that combatting misinformation was part of her advocacy.

She cautioned against self-proclaimed experts who might cause harm, particularly if granted access to the government’s platform.

Garin also mentioned the importance of partnering with Quad Media to counter fake news, as misinformation could lead to outbreaks, epidemics, and complications in addressing illnesses.

She noted that even President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. had taken a public stance against fake news.

In her closing remarks, Garin acknowledged the vast field of medicine and the absence of doctors who are experts in every aspect.

She criticized individuals who falsely claimed expertise and sought media attention, stating, “#stopthedrama #katotohanandapatmanaig.”

Furthermore, a previous report by Maharlika NuMedia had alleged that Leachon did not possess a doctorate degree.

Tony Leachon tendered his resignation as the Department of Health’s special adviser for non-communicable diseases, just one month after his appointment.

Leachon cited personal reasons for his resignation in a letter addressed to Health Secretary Teodoro Herbosa.