Fuel costs are anticipated to surge anew significantly in the coming week.

As such, motorists should prepare for yet another consecutive week of price hikes at the gas pump, with gasoline experiencing its 10th consecutive week of increases and diesel and kerosene facing their 11th straight week of adjustments.

Referring to the four-day Mean of Platts Singapore (MOPS) trading data from September 11 to 14, Rodela Romero, Assistant Director of the Department of Energy-Oil Industry Management Bureau, has outlined the projected price increments for fuel next week as follows:

Gasoline: An increase of P1.15 to P1.35 per liter.
Diesel: An increase of P1.80 to P2.00 per liter.
Kerosene: An increase of P1.70 to P1.90 per liter.
Additionally, an insider in the oil industry has informed GMA News Online that diesel prices could potentially rise by P1.90 to P2.20 per liter, while gasoline prices may see an uptick of P1.30 to P1.60 per liter.

It’s important to note that MOPS serves as the pricing benchmark for refined petroleum products in Southeast Asia.

At certain gas stations along South Luzon Expressway, premium gasoline now sells at as high as P72 to a liter, unleaded at P69, and diesel at P66. (ai/mnm)