Senator Risa Hontiveros on Monday said that the Chinese Communication Construction Co. (CCCC), a Chinese state-owned company operating in the Philippines, should be banned from the country.

The senator’s call comes a day after the Chinese Coast Guard blocked and water cannoned Philippine Coast Guard vessels en route to deliver supplies to Filipino troops in Ayungin Shoal.

“China is not a friend. She is not even a good neighbor. We will not allow ourselves to do nothing while she abuses and insults our countrymen in our own waters. Banning one of their state-owned companies is a way to tell China that we will not tolerate any abuse anymore,” Hontiveros said.

Former Finance Secretary Dominguez already terminated the loan application process for major CCCC-funded projects like the Davao-Digos Rail segment, the Calamba-Matnog long haul rail, and the Subic-Clark Rail.

Under the current administration, loan negotiations have resumed, but Hontiveros said that it is in the interest of the Philippines to decline any CCCC funding as well.

“There is no unique advantage to having Chinese banks and Chinese contractors being involved in these mega projects. One might even argue that the ADB or Japan, and maybe even the Philippine private sector, will be a better match for these projects,” the senator said.

“If the Tutuban-to-Clark rail is based on Japanese technology and ADB environmental and social safeguards, we might as well choose them for other connected projects. Why was that given to China? Why would it be given to a company with a history of vandalism?… to our natural resources in WPS?” Hontiveros added.

In 2020, Hontiveros also called on the government to drop projects with the CCCC, after it was revealed that it was among the dozens of companies that contributed to the dredging and construction of artificial militarized islands in the WPS.

“The CCCC is a predatory company. It works in conjunction with the Chinese maritime militia to deliberately destroy coral reefs in the WPS and poach endangered giant clams. It acts in the guise of a legitimate business, but it is only aiding the Chinese state in its creeping invasion. He is complicit in the theft of our territories in the WPS. He should just be kicked out of the country,” Hontiveros said.

“The Executive should also look into existing government projects with this company and stop any engagements as soon as possible. The President should simultaneously summon the Chinese Ambassador and take him to task about his country’s disgraceful behavior. China is a lot behind in the Philippines. We have been beaten but we must stand up and stand,” Hontiveros concluded. (AI/MNM)