Photo courtesy of Analytics Insight

MANILA — A coalition of digital advocates has issued a call to action to social media influencers, urging them to discontinue their support and endorsement of unregistered illegal gambling platforms.

Ronald Gustilo, a prominent figure in the Digital Pinoys national campaign, emphasized the importance of influencers considering the adverse consequences of endorsing unregulated gambling operators, instead of solely focusing on their financial gains from such associations.

Gustilo emphasized, “Social media influencers must cease their involvement with unregistered online gambling platforms, as their endorsements inadvertently contribute to the victimization of individuals. They should recognize that their support facilitates an environment where people can fall prey to these illicit operations.”

Furthermore, Gustilo encouraged social media influencers to cooperate with authorities by revealing their connections to illegal gambling sites.

He stated, “By disclosing their affiliations with illegal gambling sites, social media influencers can significantly bolster the campaign against the illicit activities of online gambling operators.”

Previously, Digital Pinoys had petitioned the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to block unlawful online gambling sites operating within the Philippines.

These sites not only lacked proper permits but were also suspected of involvement in fraud or unauthorized transactions on e-wallets and online banking accounts.

Gustilo also called on the government to collaborate with hosting providers connected to gambling sites.

An analysis report based on the NTC’s blacklist of websites revealed that Cloudflare, Amazon, and Microsoft were the top three hosting providers for illegally operating gambling websites in the Philippines.

He added, “Over 90% of the blocked illegal gambling websites were hosted by Cloudflare, Amazon, and Microsoft. If the government can secure cooperation from these hosting providers, it will significantly enhance the campaign against illegal gambling sites.” (AI/MNM)