Iran’s President, Ebrahim Raisi, expressed his satisfaction with the ongoing “friendly and cordial” relationship between Iran and the Philippines, and he expressed his hopes for further enhancement of these ties.

According to the Philippine Embassy in Tehran, Raisi made these remarks during the presentation of credentials by the Philippine Ambassador to Iran, Roberto Manalo, on July 9.

Raisi encouraged Ambassador Manalo to continue building on the already excellent bilateral relations between the two countries. He expressed his desire for the expansion of bilateral cooperation, particularly in the areas of economics, trade, and business.

The embassy also noted that Raisi appreciated the embassy’s plans to organize a series of events in 2024, commemorating the 60th anniversary of Philippines-Iran bilateral relations.

During the meeting, Manalo formally presented his Letter of Credence, along with his predecessor’s Letter of Recall, both of which had been translated into Farsi. Raisi took the time to read the Farsi translations of both letters and engaged in a discussion with Manalo regarding the current state of bilateral relations.

Manalo conveyed President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s greetings to Raisi and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to further expand bilateral relations during his tenure. Raisi reciprocated the greetings and extended his own well wishes to Marcos.