Mark Leviste and Kris Aquino ( photo courtesy)

Kris Aquino, the esteemed television and multimedia personality, has made public her separation from Mark Leviste, the Vice Governor of Batangas. Aquino cited the challenges posed by a long-distance relationship, primarily due to her health condition.

In a heartfelt open letter shared on social media on Monday night (Manila time), Aquino expressed her sentiments towards Leviste, accompanied by a photograph capturing their togetherness. This marked the first time the 52-year-old addressed their relationship publicly, as rumors of their romance emerged back in January.

As Leviste prepared to return to Batangas to fulfill his duties as a public servant, Aquino acknowledged the profound impact he had on her life. She expressed, “Marc (yes it’s with a C) @markleviste is leaving to go home to fulfill his obligations to his Batangas constituents. Nobody I’ve ever been in a relationship with has ever given me as much love & encouragement. He wasn’t only my boyfriend, he became my best friend and confidante, truly dependable. The usage of WAS is correct.”

Aquino also candidly revealed her declining health condition, disclosing her connective tissue disease, which is a combination of Churg Strauss, the progression of Crest Syndrome, and the onset of rheumatoid arthritis and SLE. She described the progression of her physical manifestations, including swollen knees, excruciating leg pain, back swelling, and discolored toenails.

The severity of her condition led Aquino to acknowledge the inherent challenges of sustaining a long-distance relationship, prompting her to request a pause in their relationship to prioritize her well-being.

“I asked Marc for a pause because with my condition the way it is now, I’m self-aware enough to know that a long-distance relationship will be next to impossible for us to maintain. For the Filipinos working all over the world, I know I’m blessed to have Kuya Josh and Bimb with me – but most moms reading this will agree, we don’t want our kids to suffer from anxiety about our health, especially if you’re a solo parent like me,” she continued.

With deep gratitude, Aquino expressed her appreciation for Leviste while acknowledging the physical and geographical barriers that currently separate them.

Since June 2022, Aquino has been residing in the United States to undergo medical treatment for various autoimmune disorders.