In an effort to address the education crisis in the country, the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) has called on all sectors to lend a hand, emphasizing the pressing issue of Filipino students consistently ranking low in reading, Math, and Science.

Benedicta Du-Baladad, President of MAP, acknowledges the difficulty of keeping students engaged in schools, particularly due to their fascination with social media.

She raises concern that this situation is a potential crisis waiting to unfold, with the potential consequence of jeopardizing the competitiveness and national growth of the Philippines.

Du-Baladad emphasizes the critical role of education in fostering innovation and advancement, stating that without these elements, both development and progress will stagnate.

Highlighting the pre-pandemic scenario, she notes that Filipino students already scored poorly in reading and ranked second lowest in Math and Science in the PISA 2018 results.

The situation has worsened during the pandemic due to lockdowns and the shift to online learning. The absence of on-site teacher supervision has contributed to further deterioration, negatively impacting the quality of education and the competence of graduates from educational institutions.

To address these challenges, Du-Baladad suggests streamlining the implementation of the K to-12 system, allowing for easier integration with technical vocational education and training (TVET) programs.

This integration would provide senior high school students with immersive experiences through certification training and exposure to real work settings.

Additionally, she emphasizes the need for effective and efficient management of public schools, aiming to streamline operations and eliminate redundancy.

Recognizing the significance of public-private partnerships in education, Du-Baladad emphasizes their indispensability in creating a skilled and active workforce.

She advocates for transforming the Philippine education system to adapt to a changing workplace in a technology-driven world. (ai/mnm)