No reports of Filipino casualties or injuries have emerged in the aftermath of the floods in eastern Libya caused by a deadly rainstorm that struck the country on Sunday night.

According to a statement issued on Wednesday by Ma. Teresita Daza, the spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs, there are approximately 1,100 Filipinos in eastern Libya, with 90 of them residing in areas severely affected by the storm. Daza confirmed that no Filipino casualties had been reported, and the individuals in these areas had been relocated to higher ground under the guidance of hospital management.

Daza further noted that Filipino nurses in the region continue to fulfill their duties in hospitals, despite the challenges posed by limited communication due to widespread power outages.

As of the Philippine Embassy in Tripoli’s Assistance-to-Nationals mapping from August 20 to 24, around 30 Filipinos are located in the Derna district (five in the city of Derna and 25 in Umm al Rizam), 50 are situated in the Jabel al Akhmatova district, and 10 are in Tobruk. The majority of these individuals work as nurses and clinical instructors.

The Philippine Embassy in Tripoli is actively liaising with Filipino community leaders in the area and maintaining vigilant oversight of the situation.

Local reports from Libya indicate that the toll from Storm Daniel, which breached dams and inundated neighborhoods in affected areas as of September 12, stands at over 3,000 reported fatalities and approximately 10,000 individuals missing. Initial assessments also reveal extensive damage to infrastructure, including the submergence of dozens of villages and towns due to the widespread flooding.