PLEA FOR JUSTICE: Residents of Oriental Mindoro are demanding justice following the tragic murder of Eden Joy Villacete (featured image courtesy of Facebook).

SAN JOSE, Oriental Mindoro – In a show of solidarity, concerned citizens and provincial officials have rallied behind broadcaster Mariboy Ysibido, who spearheaded a fundraising campaign on his radio program “Pag-Usapan Natin” aired on the local station 102.5 CARE FM. Their collective efforts have successfully generated an impressive bounty of nearly half a million pesos.

Within a remarkably short time span, donations poured in, amounting to PHP459,000. Among the generous contributors were Representative Odie Tarriela, Governor Eduardo Gadiano, Vice Governor Diana Tayag, and the municipality of San Jose, each contributing PHP100,000. Additional contributions were made by the dedicated staff of CARE FM, raising PHP25,000, board member Alex Robles del Valle, donating PHP25,000, and Barangay Bagong Sikat Captain Ismael Cacayurin, who contributed PHP5,000. Furthermore, anonymous sources generously provided PHP4,000.

San Jose Mayor Rey Ladaga, addressing reporters on Saturday morning, assured the public that he has directed the local police force to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation. He pledged the full support of the local government in ensuring that the case is resolved.

The life of Villacete, a 21-year-old fifth-year student at Occidental Mindoro State College (OMSC), was tragically cut short when she was found stabbed to death in her rented room in Barangay 7 on Friday morning. Suspicion arose among her neighbors when they detected a foul odor emanating from her room, as they hadn’t seen her for the past two days.

This abhorrent crime has sparked outrage throughout the province, with many expressing their anger and frustration on social media platforms.

“She was a kind and compassionate person who aspired to complete her studies and contribute to our community,” shared Villacete’s father, Perlito, a fisherman, during a radio interview.