President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. maintains unwavering faith in Lorenzo “Larry” Gadon’s capability to alleviate poverty.

The President reiterated his trust after officially swearing Gadon into office on Monday evening.

Through a concise statement shared on his official social media accounts, Marcos expressed that appointing Gadon was a vital part of his administration’s ongoing endeavors to eradicate poverty and hunger in the nation.

“In light of his experience and abilities, I firmly believe that he will make significant contributions in addressing the needs of our fellow countrymen,” Marcos stated in Filipino.

Gadon’s appointment as Presidential Adviser garnered criticism from the public following the Supreme Court en banc’s unanimous decision (15-0) last month to remove Gadon from its roll. This ruling was prompted by a viral video clip where Gadon directed repeated profanity and offensive remarks towards journalist Raissa Robles.

In response, the embattled and ardent supporter of Marcos expressed his intention to file a motion for reconsideration, citing the ruling as excessively severe.

Gadon also pledged to assist in mitigating malnutrition among Filipino children through his initiative called ‘Batang Busog, Malusog’ or BBM Movement, coinciding with the observance of National Nutrition Month in July.