(by Dang Samson Garcia)

SENATOR Christopher Bong Go lauded the approval of Senate Bill 2200 or the Basic Education Mental Health and Well-Being Promotion Act as he stressed the urgency of addressing mental health issues among young learners.”

This is not just a piece of legislation; it is a lifeline for our young learners in the face of a mental health crisis that cannot be ignored,” Go said.

“It is our moral and civic duty to respond with urgency and compassion. We must refuse to let another young life be lost due to untreated mental health issues,” he added.

The bill aims to establish a Mental Health and Well-Being Center in public and private K-12 schools.It also supports the Department of Education’s learning recovery plan and creates new permanent positions for Guidance Counselor and Guidance Associate.

The senator said that the bill will help destigmatize mental health problems and send the message that “it’s okay to talk about mental health, to seek help, and to prioritize one’s well-being.”The measure will raise the salary grades of guidance counselors.”

Mental health is an integral component of holistic health,” Go said. “When our young learners struggle with their mental well-being, it affects every part of their lives—their academic performance, their relationships, and their overall happiness.”