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IF FULLY implemented, the national identification system will be an effective deterrent to the rising issue of falsified subscribers identity modules (SIMs) which the online scammers most often use in committing cybercrimes.

Partylist Rep. and prominent media personality Erwin Tulfo offered this view in response to concerns raised by some stakeholders, particularly legislators and law enforcers, regarding the misuse of SIM cards for illegal online activities, including cybercrimes and fraudulent transactions.

Fake identities created through the SIM registration process reportedly pose significant risks to the security and privacy of individuals and organizations.

Such concerns arise from the alarming frequency at which fake identification cards reportedly find their way into the SIM registration process carried out by telecom companies across the country in compliance with Republic Act 11055.

Instances like the successful registration of a SIM card using an image of a smiling monkey have highlighted the vulnerabilities in the current online users’ profiling system, which must contend with its insufficient electronic database that includes the photograph of mobile subscribers.

“The issuance of national ID cards to Filipino citizens and resident aliens, as mandated by law, will give the service providers an easy access to government database for the truthful profile of bona fide holders who apply for SIM registration,” explained Tulfo, who’s also a House deputy majority leader.

Tulfo said that accepting assorted identification cards, including a certification from barangay chiefs, for SIM registration allows ample room for cheaters and identity thief to thread. “A single ID system, encompassing all Filipinos, is the key to ensuring the integrity of the SIM registration,” he stressed.

Republic Act 11055 which calls for the mandatory implementation of the national ID system, aims to provide a secure and reliable means of identifying individuals across various sectors, including telecommunications. It is seen as a crucial step in addressing identity-related issues and enhancing national security.

“We support the call of my fellow legislators for telcos to take stringent measures in registering SIMs and help the law enforcers in running after online fraudsters, but I also appeal for the speedy implementation of RA 11055, because, in my view, the use of national IDs instills confidence in our pursuit of foolproof SIM registration,” Tulfo said.

“In conclusion, the call to fast-track the implementation of the national ID system, as advocated by Globe, does not only offer a far-reaching impact on various aspects of daily life, from simplifying bureaucratic procedures to enhancing national security efforts, but also serves as a valuable tool in the fight against cybercrimes by curbing the spread of fake SIM identities,” He added. (END)