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Image Courtesy of: President Bongbong Marcos (Facebook)

By: Junex Doronio

STRESSING ‘EXCITING’ OPPORTUNITIES, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has asked European countries to boost their ties with Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.

The President made the remark as he welcomed Nicolas Brühl, the Ambassador-designate of the Swiss Confederation, at Malacañang Palace on Wednesday, September 20.

“I think it is actually wise in terms of European countries, Switzerland included, to look to ASEAN, to look to Asia. Although there are other geopolitical disturbances, shall we say, but the opportunities are quite exciting,” PBBM noted.

He also pointed out that the post-pandemic scenario presents a great opportunity for European countries to have a better collaboration with the Philippines.

“ASEAN leaders have come together to really strengthen the economic systems that we have in place, the weaknesses that have shown up during the pandemic. We’re all trying to learn the lessons that the pandemic brought with it,” PBBM added.

Brühl agreed with the President, saying the good thing is Asian economy is recovering well compared to other parts of the world.

The Swiss ambassador said that beginning of this year, Swiss Foreign Ministry’s Southeast Asia strategy proves that the region is of utmost importance and vowed to partner with it in the future.

Brühl further said that the Swiss Foreign Ministry’s Southeast Asia strategy has proved that the region is of utmost importance.

The Philippines and Switzerland celebrated 65 years of diplomatic relations in January 2022.

Both countries continue to maximize the benefits of the Philippines–European Free Trade Association Free Trade Agreement (PH-EFTA-FTA).

On April 28, 2016, the EFTA States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the Philippines in Bern, Switzerland.


Image Courtesy of: JobStreet

MANILA — Approximately 46% of Filipino adults express optimism about an improvement in the Philippine economy over the next six months, as revealed in the most recent OCTA Research survey released on Monday.

Conducted independently and without any commissioned influence, the “Tugon ng Masa” (TNM) National Survey by OCTA Research was carried out from July 22 to 26, indicating that slightly less than half of Filipino adults maintain a positive outlook for the future.

This figure represents a 4% decrease compared to the 50% recorded in the survey conducted in the first quarter of March 2023.

While roughly 46% of adult Filipinos anticipate an economic improvement, the survey also highlights that 43% believe the economy will remain stable, and 6% fear it may deteriorate.

OCTA’s most recent survey further reveals that the percentage of adult Filipinos who foresee a better Philippine economy in the next six months varies from 31% to 54% across different major regions. The highest level of optimism was recorded in Balance Luzon (54%), while the lowest was found in Visayas (31%).

Conversely, the percentage of adult Filipinos who anticipate a worsening economy over the next six months ranges from 2% to 11%. The highest percentage of pessimism is observed in Visayas (11%), while the lowest is in Balance Luzon (2%).

In addition, the poll indicates that 55% of adult Filipinos believe their quality of life will improve in the coming six months, 36% expect it to remain the same, and 4% anticipate a decline. (ai/mnm)