President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. revealed that his upcoming second State of the Nation Address (Sona) on July 24, 2023, will serve as a straightforward performance report to the Filipino people. He intends to highlight the “significant progress” achieved during his tenure and outline the areas that require further attention.

In a brief media interview during the distribution of government assistance in Pampanga, President Marcos emphasized the simplicity of his upcoming Sona. He expressed his desire to present to the people a clear assessment of the government’s accomplishments over the past year, assessing whether the numerous promises made were translated into meaningful actions or merely empty words.

The president underlined the importance of the report as a means to communicate with the public. He aims to showcase the progress made in various aspects, not just in terms of improved systems and governance but also in how the country is now perceived and judged on the international stage.

Scheduled for 4 p.m., the president’s second Sona will be delivered before a joint session of Congress. (AI/MNM)