Vice President Sara Duterte hailed President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s second State of the Nation Address, considering it a poignant reminder of their responsibilities to the Philippines.

Following his speech, the Vice President expressed her gratitude for Marcos’ resolute leadership throughout the past year, characterized by decisiveness, strength, fortitude, and political determination.

She asserted that such leadership serves as an inspiration to be more proactive in fulfilling the commitments made to the Filipino people.

Duterte also commended the Department of Education’s Matatag agenda, which introduced valuable reforms benefiting not only students but also teaching and non-teaching staff.

Furthermore, she applauded Marcos’ development initiatives for Mindanao, seeing them as a beacon of hope and optimism in the fight against terrorism and bolstering peace-building efforts to promote progress and prosperity in the region.

The Vice President also emphasized the nationwide impact of the administration’s socio-economic agenda, offering security and support to vulnerable sectors, particularly farmers and fisherfolk.

In particular, Duterte praised Marcos for reminding them of their contractual obligations to the country, as solemnly agreed upon with the Filipino electorate during the 2022 election.

During the event, Sara Duterte chose to wear a Maguindanaon dress designed by Cotabato-based designer Israel Ellah Unkakay as a tribute to and celebration of the Moro tribe residing in South Central Mindanao. (ai/mnm)