Kai Sotto, the promising Filipino basketball player, encountered a setback as he suffered a back injury and failed to score in the final NBA Summer League game.

The Orlando Magic, Sotto’s team, faced a 77-94 defeat against the Boston Celtics at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The game took place on Sunday morning, July 16, according to Manila Time.

During the match, Sotto, who is 21 years old and stands at an impressive 7-foot-3, spent a little over eight minutes on the court in the first half. However, he had to leave the game with five minutes remaining in the second quarter due to his back injury, and he did not make a return.

Throughout his time on the court, Sotto struggled to find his scoring touch, going 0-of-3 from the field. He managed to grab two rebounds and provided one assist but also committed two turnovers. Unfortunately, the game marked the end of the Summer League for the Orlando Magic, finishing with a winless 0-5 record. (ai/mnm)